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The Capital Securities Corp. was founded by Honorary Chairman & CEO George T.W. Chen in 1988, evolving into an international investment bank. Over the years, many financial services had been established and all endeavors were very successful to complement the success of the Capital Group. Capital Group also set up subsidiaries in financial centers such as Hong Kong and Shanghai in a bid to become one of the leading investment banks in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Capital Group offers a full range of services in all major areas of finances: domestic and foreign stock markets listing services, corporate finance management, overseas funding, mergers and acquisition, fixed income, stock brokerage, proprietary trading, financial derivatives, registrar agency, wealth management, futures brokerage, venture capital management, wealth management, margin financing, insurance planning and consulting. The Capital Group also provides advisory services for investment management and publishes top rated research reports, thereby delivering professional investment information and wealth management services to business, institutions, and investors in general.

The name of the Capital Group in Chinese means "in the interest of the public. "We take the public's interest as our priority in everything we committed to do. Our development vision is to "offer high value-added financial services exceeding customer expectations, and to become customers' sincere partner for long-term growth". In the meantime, we created the slogan "Capital Care", or Capital cares for you, to expect all our employees to care about customers' feelings, to listen to customers' needs "with care" and to meet customers' needs "with care". "Care" stands for Capital's continuous attention and services to customers and business partners. In the realms of wealth management, we apply "CARE - Capital Asset Return Enhancement" strategies, through our "global asset management account", helping our clients plan a diversified and solid asset management portfolio and keep in enterprise operation with concentration and cautious manner.

The Capital Group over the years has complied rich knowledge of investment and wealth management, the most comprehensive financial planning capability, the most robust network of financial services, and actively develops its international financial business. At present we have shown excellent performance in both the primary and secondary markets, accumulated considerable achievements, and made a positive contribution to the remarkable development of Taiwan's capital market. The Capital Group is headquartered in the financial center of Taiwan, the Xinyi Area of Taipei City. Our location selection represents the Group's strong ambition in capital market development. Over the years, Capital Securities has been ranked as the best Securities firm in the Taiwan region by FinanceAsia, Euromoney, Asiamoney and other internationally renowned financial magazines. Without doubt, the Capital Group has been regarded as one of the leading securities companies in Taiwan.

The Capital Group strived to cultivate the capital markets in the Greater China Region. In 1993 we set up the Hong Kong subsidiary, a manifestation of Capital's considerable business capability. It had successfully penetrated the Hong Kong investment banking sector and vied for a leading position. In November 1997 we set up CSC International Holdings Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office. The Capital was the first Taiwanese brokerage firm authorized by the People's Bank of China to set up a representative office in Mainland China.

In February 2000 the Capital Group invited leaders of domestic and foreign industries and investment experts, showcasing its investment strategies for the Greater China with its successful "Capital 2000 Greater China Investment Conference" in Hong Kong. Capital also hosted "Capital 2001 – Leaping China in the 21st Century" Investment forum, and in 2002 we arranged "Capital 2002 - Enterprises in China" investment forum in Beijing. These events won praised from international business and investment society. Under the new trends of deregulations between China and Taiwan, the Capital has a highly experienced research team to provide updated investment information for investors. We maintain our lead over peers, grasping the development of offering red chips stock brokerage services and having overseas enterprises listed in Taiwan. The Capital has prepared to capture more business opportunities once Taiwan and China authorities give green lights to more business regulations. We are confident of becoming the leading corporate brand image in the Greater Chinese market.

As for strategic development, in addition to maintain quality of our services, the merger with Taiwan International Securities Corp. was accomplished in 2010. Through the merger, the brokerage market share was ranked top 4 and ready to toward top 3; market share of margin trading is uprising to No. 3 and margin position is up to NT Dollar 30 billion; number of clients in stock registrar and transfer service becomes No. 1 and Introducing Broker Business is going toward No. 3. The merger was also the first case using the short-form merger procedure among financial institutions in Taiwan, and was awarded "Best Taiwan Deal" by FinanceAsia in 2010.

Looking ahead, the Capital Group will integrate its resources and complete a regional network covering Taiwan, Hong Kong, China. In addition to refining the quality of services offered to the Taiwan market, we will expand our services in Hong Kong operation. Capital Shanghai Representative Office has successfully reaped fruits in the Chinese market in the past 16 years. With the growing economic interactions between Taiwan and China, the Capital Group will enhance its research of the industry development and financial markets in the Greater China, and provide enterprises and investors with diversified wealth management and investment services. The Capital Group conducts strategic planning for various businesses with an internationalized vision. We are confident that we will reach the goal of becoming of a full range of international investment bank in the Asia-Pacific region and at the same time, contribute to the economic development of the global financial market.